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Hello, I am Deborah Monlux

I practice Homeopathy because I enjoy the success in solving the underlying and root causes of health problems.

I was awarded the title of CCH, a Board Certification in Classical Homeopathy from Council for Homeopathic Certification in recognition of meeting the highest standard of excellence held by the homeopathic profession in North America. My training is from School of Homeopathy Devon/New York. I have a special background in childcare, owning and operating Hudson Street Family Daycare of New York City, and translate this skill into practice providing homeopathic service to parents and their children.

I also created and produce the renowned study course, Homeopathy Exam Bootcamp, coaching and preparing homeopathy candidates to sit for their homeopathic board exams, and coaching them in their transition from student to full time practitioners.


Homeopathic Care


Homeopathy is personalized care and the deep listening skills I’ve cultivated are essential in determining the most appropriate remedy that can stimulate and enhance healing. The acute care option includes an immediate response appointment and quick recommendations and referrals for established clients.

Family Care


This model of health is reminiscent of the ‘traditional’ family practitioner of years ago who took time to know the history of each family member and followed up with health needs over time. I offer consistent care, valuable insight into what is best needed for each individual member, and guidelines for the future. This is an excellent option for busy parents as there’s room for long term health improvements with less prescriptions and emergencies.

Homeopathy Bootcamp


For practitioners.

The Homeopathy Exam Bootcamp includes all you need to study for your exam including downloadable materials, weekly teleconference calls, group messaging, flashcards, homework help, daily reflections, and video-conference sessions (individual and group).

We have gone to see Deborah several times since our 20-month son was only a few months old. Her homeopathic treatments greatly helped with nighttime wakings, allergies, colds, and a bout of diarrhea. She has a no-nonsense approach and and easy manner with kids. Also, she has always been very responsive by email or phone, even on weekends. We highly recommend her.

Dan B.


My husband battled prostate cancer. His GERD and depression were also addressed. Within a year of treatment he recovered fully and has regular negative biopsies only monitoring condition. Doctors can’t understand what happened with his diagnosis! My menopausal mood swings fatigue and memory problems were also addressed. My daughters who suffered from bronchitis and frequent illnesses are now healthy. Her fees are very acceptable and she is also very prompt in addressing a health problem when it arises especially with the kids when the flu season approaches. I recommend Deborah for personal attention, health improvement and prompt services with peace of mind.

Elena K.


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