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All consultations take place via video conference. In office appointments by request. I am located in Park Slope Brooklyn, NY, just steps from the F and G Subway.


Using a comprehensive and holistic approach, we find what is unique about you, and how you experience your symptoms since no two persons are the same and each is exquisite and intricate when it comes to their design. I then uncover root cause of your symptoms applying classical homeopathic principles. I provide a remedy plan,  including mailing remedy directly to your home. I will track your progress and provide homeopathic care for two months. Allow up to 90 minutes for initial appointment.



This choice follows one month after your Initial Appointment. I review your progress and remedy response at the end of your first month and follow up with a plan of action. Supply conveniently mailed USPS to your door for a postal fee of $14. Allow 45 minutes for this initial follow up.



This choice is for established clients.  You have the option of selecting this option as needed. Includes remedy supply delivered via USPS to your door. Allow 45 minutes for a follow up.



This model of health is reminiscent of the ‘traditional’ family practitioner of years ago who took time to know the history of each family member and followed up with health needs over time. I offer consistent care, valuable insight into what is best needed for each individual member, and guidelines for the future. This is an excellent option for busy parents as there’s room for long term health improvements with less prescriptions and emergencies.

Family plan Includes: initial appointment, monthly follow up, ongoing follow up appointments as needed, remedy adjustments, phone access, and remedy delivered to your door. This plan is invoiced at the beginning of each three-month term.


~Family of two $450 quarterly/$1550 annual (save $250)
~Family of three $550 quarterly/$1900 annual (save $300)
~Family of four $625 three months/$2150 annual (save$350)


Lastly, there is the acute care option includes an immediate response appointment and quick recommendations and referrals for established clients. In this option, the payment includes remedy mailing delivered to your door.