Deborah Monlux’s work with Homeopathy is absolutely wonderful! Her compassionate and keen attention to my ailment, which was diagnosed by my doctor as Gout, was precise and thorough. With Deborah’s help, I now have a healthy and manageable method of relieving pain and symptoms. I’ve been using her remedy now for over a decade and couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you, Deborah.

Kevin C.


We have gone to see Deborah several times since our 20-month son was only a few months old. Her homeopathic treatments greatly helped with nighttime wakings, allergies, colds, and a bout of diarrhea. She has a no-nonsense approach and and easy manner with kids. Also, she has always been very responsive by email or phone, even on weekends. We highly recommend her.

Dan B.


Thank you Deborah! Your homeopathic remedies helped our 10 year old daughter recover from her debilitating Sever’s disease and generally made her feel great.  We wanted to take a multi-pronged approach to her treatment to help address all aspects of her health.  We believe the pediatric orthopedist, physical therapist and your remedies all combined for terrific results for her.  We are grateful to benefit from your wisdom and care.

Alisa D.


My husband battled prostate cancer. His GERD and depression were also addressed. Within a year of treatment he recovered fully and has regular negative biopsies only monitoring condition. Doctors can’t understand what happened with his diagnosis! My menopausal mood swings fatigue and memory problems were also addressed. My daughters who suffered from bronchitis and frequent illnesses are now healthy. Her fees are very acceptable and she is also very prompt in addressing a health problem when it arises especially with the kids when the flu season approaches. I recommend Deborah for personal attention, health improvement and prompt services with peace of mind.

Elena K.


I am very satisfied with Deborah’s service. I have positive experiences as her client as she treats not just to relieve symptoms and no longer have need for RX meds. My 1year-old daughter avoided surgery for ear tubes. I had dental surgery done and my dentist was shocked at how fast surgery site healed. I got rid of all my chronic health problems. Deborah works just perfect and she has a great personality.

Olga V.


Deborah practices classical homeopathy and has treated my daughter for everything from eczema to tantrums to diarrhea (!) to amazing results. The thorough and holistic approach she takes to healing is so reassuring and I’ve learned so much about how to read my daughter’s patterns and overall well-being.

Judy H.


Both my husband and I noticed that my son has felt much better. I think I can breathe again. I can’t thank you enough.

Karen S.


I highly recommend Deborah for homeopathic services. I’ve been working with her for nearly a year now, and I find her indispensable! Her rates are extremely fair and she makes every effort to respond when needs arise. I just love how well she listens and processes the problem at hand. She is thorough while respecting your time, and goes the extra mile to get a remedy to you. Due to her astute homeopathic insights, my daughter and I are much healthier overall and have suffered fewer sick days than ever before.

Ann M.


Thanks again for the house call. It certainly worked like magic. Everyone – small patient, older brother, and stressed-out parents alike – was so happy and relieved to see you. And to see the remedy kick in within minutes. As our three-year-old put it: “Deborah picked the right remedy again!” Having felt the effect of the right one in himself, he recognized it in his little brother at once. We love that you know us all and can base your choices on interactions and relationships you’ve witnessed as much as on the individual’s symptoms. You get to know each of us better through the others.

Anika W.


Deborah was recommended to me through a friend who has had effective experience with her homeopathic work. I was amazed at how Deborah questioned me intensely, searching for signs, in order to find the remedy that worked for me. I instantly felt trust to talk about my suffering. She has the goal to cure you and she goes for it. We found what we needed it and I feel good. She has my deepest thanks.

Bianca B.


Deborah has an intuitive touch – our baby girl became more smiley and content after a few treatments, it was amazing to see the difference. Thank you Deborah!

Jan D.